How Sheets & Giggles generated over $115k by mining their inactive email subscribers with Winback


Revenue per dormant email


Incremental revenue generated


Average click rate on reactivation campaigns


Inactive audience daily spam complaint rate


Reactivated email subscribers


Increase in LTV for reactivated customers

The Brand

Sheets & Giggles isn't your average bedding company. We're a bunch of sleep-obsessed folks who believe getting cozy shouldn't cost the earth (or a fortune!). That's why they craft ridiculously soft, temperature-regulating sheets from eucalyptus.

The Challenge

Sleepy Subscribers & The Sheet Chasm

Sheets & Giggles faced a unique hurdle: long sheet lifespans (2 years!). While customers loved their sheets, dormancy ruled the email list. Traditional methods couldn't tell the difference between:

1. Sleepyheads: Past buyers due for new sheets but haven't re-engaged.

2. Email Churn: People who changed emails, making past data useless.

3. Spam Traps: Inactive emails used to catch spammers (hurting deliverability).

Fearing low engagement & irrelevant outreach, they targeted a smaller segment, missing potential repurchases. Furthermore, sales efforts couldn't reach those nearing sheet replacement, hindering customer retention and growth.This inability to identify re-engageable subscribers hampered Sheets & Giggles' efforts to bridge the "Sheet Chasm" and rekindle customer interest at the crucial replacement time.

Our Solution

Scoring & Filtering

We started by breaking down the audience into segments and employing our rigorous scoring system to filter out any risky or invalid email addresses.

Advanced Segmentation

Using our advanced audience segmentation approach, we further segmented the audiences and customized our re-engagement strategies for each group to optimize response.

Deliverability & Monitoring

Next, we developed personalized reactivation content. Utilizing our email deliverability tools, we ensured these messaged reached the inbox with improved open & click rates, dynamically reviewing each email and optimizing for delivery success.

Smart Targeted Campaigns

Finally, we initiated a series of targeted email campaigns, rigorously testing and refining them to maximize engagement. The result was a massive uptick in reactivations.

The Result

Leveraging our unique tools and proven experience, we continually optimized our approach to boost performance. The result was a massive uptick in reactivations.

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