How Winback Works

Reactivation specialists working with a custom deliverability stack to turn your dead lists into a new revenue channel

No more spam. Our deliverability suite gets emails into the inbox.

We can target 5-10X more inactive subscribers than you can using your email platform alone, all while improving inbox placement.

Hyper-specialized agency

Reactivation is all we do. All day, every day. We run hundreds of tests every month and know how to drive conversions from previously inactive users.

Custom deliverability stack

Our deliverability suite gets us in the inbox of the inactive audience while improving your sender reputation.

Retention Specialists hyperfocused on reactivation

We’re experts in email/SMS monetization, with decades of deliverability experience.

Watch from Dean our founder.

The Winback Method

We're a fully managed service – we build all the copy, manage all the flows, and embed active deliverability monitoring so your team can focus on the active subscribers.

Smarter Email Targeting

Rather than looking at the deliverability risk of your inactive audience as a monolith we're able to break down the risk associated with each individual email. That allows us to separate the good and the bad, the toxic and the gold.

Advanced filters to avoid spam traps and improve your sender reputation

Our technology layers traditional email validation with your brand's first-party data, revealing patterns that help you target inactive emails confidently and boost your revenue.

Deliverability Monitoring, For Pros.

Thanks to our advanced monitoring toolset, we eliminate the guesswork and unlock deeper subscriber engagement. We go beyond tracking DMARC, DKIM, and SPF and to understand which emails land in the inbox and which ones land in spam.

Content Optimized For Reactivation

We test all of our content for performance and deliverability, so we can spark intent back into a dead list.