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We’re deliverability specialists who turn inactive emails into new revenue & only charge a percentage of lift

Trusted by the best in DTC

Our clients know we have the tools and the experience needed to hit the inbox and maximize revenue from your inactive subscribers

Sydney Seifried

Marketing, Ridge

"The difference with Winback is that we weren’t working with them, we were partners with them. This resulted in a custom, curated experience that was able to be iterated on quickly to deliver impactful results."

Meghan Holzhauer


"Top tier lifecycle marketing experts! The Winback team brings together world class email program experts with a precise focus on the often overlooked unengaged email segments to drive clear results."

Jack Savage

Founder, Everyday Dose

"With Winback’s expertise, we turned our dormant subscribers into a significant source of revenue. Their team's dedication to our success felt as if they were an extension of our own company. Absolutely recommended for any business looking for a high ROI revenue lift."

Dan Freed

Founder, Thesis

"The Winback team deeply understands lifecycle marketing. They were able to take profiles that we considered dead and reactivate them. That's basically free revenue. This is a no brainer."

Nicole Kellner

Director of Marketing & Ecommerce, STATE Bags

"Gone are the days of clinging onto lapsed customers for dear life and missing out on the ones with immense potential. With Winback, we've streamlined our processes, ensuring our customer lists are pristine while effortlessly re-engaging with those we've lost touch with. It's a strategy that's not just logical but incredibly rewarding."

William Dehnert

Founder, Perceptly

"It's guaranteed 5X CAC that drastically improves your LTV. There are few no-brainer decisions out there and Winback is one of them."

Nick Lamothe

Head of Growth, PSD

"Working with Winback is a no-brainer and has been the perfect evolution from hanging on to lapsed customers too long, and losing out those who show potential as we focus on list hygiene. It's been a win-win in every way."

Jess Cervellon

Founder, Open Late Collective

“The Winback team is like having a dedicated win-back expert in your corner. Not only are they they best at what they do, their performance model ensures you only pay if they make you money.”

Jurrien Swarts

CEO, Stojo

"We're a data-driven company, and Winback perfectly complements our approach. They are true experts in their field, and they back up their promise by only charging for the net-new revenue they generate."

Ben Hindman

Co-Founder @Peel Insights

"Winback offers a powerful and accessible solution for re-engagement. Their performance-based model aligns perfectly with our philosophy of empowering merchants – they only succeed when our merchants do."

$200K In Incremental Revenue

$210K In Incremental Revenue

$230K In Incremental Revenue

$119K In Incremental Revenue

$115K In Incremental Revenue